Weed and Creativity

Growing up, I was constantly drawing, painting, and simply creating in one way or another, a lot of the other kids around me were, too. As we grew up though, I noticed some of them lose interest in art, and I never quite understood why.

I now understand that creativity is something that everyone has, but not something that everyone uses. It is not something we can truly define, and it seemingly decreases with age. I believe though, that a particular plant can help to bring back imagination and creativity to peoples lives:

Continuing my discussion from last week, I want to further delve into the topic of creativity in correlation to the usage of marijuana.

The psychoactive effect that weed has on the brain changes the function of neurotransmitters in dopamine and norepinephrine, meaning that weed assists in boosting one's mood. When people are happy, they are more imaginative, equating to higher levels of creativity. As an article from MedMed says, "divergent thinking blooms when dopamine levels are high."

When we tap into our creativity we are not only becoming more expressive, but also expanding our minds to be more flexible with problem solving. This is known as "creative problem solving," and according to Sensi Seeds, "scientists have often described how their imagination helped them to come to solutions to problems and great ideas."

So, if you're feeling blocked, whether it be artistic or a life block, a little weed may help you to move past it - just make sure to smoke the right kind of weed for you and your goals.

* Every strain of weed has a different effect, and every person reacts to these strains in varying ways as well, so it is up to the user to find the correct strain for them when it comes to consistent creative results.

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