'Tis the Season to Relax

Updated: Nov 5, 2019

The holidays are a great time of year: Family's get together, meals are made and shared, gifts are often exchanged, and so on. I personally do enjoy the gift shopping and planning that goes into a holiday get together, but it can be quite stressful and strenuous for others. As great as the holidays can be, they are not always the most relaxing time of year. Many people get so caught up in the bustle of the season that they forget to take a minute to themselves and just breathe. Showing the people you love that you care about them is a big part of the holiday spirit, but showing yourself some care and love is just as important. As the holidays come to a close and the new year begins, as well as some resolutions, it is a great time to focus on yourself and pamper your body. This can mean different things for different people. For some, it may be allowing time for an afternoon nap while for others it could be booking a week at the spa and getting facials and massages. If you want more than a nap, but cannot afford a spa getaway, then I suggest doing what I do and going for a

happy medium. The Big White Barn in Readfield, Maine is an amazing destination where you can truly get some rest and rejuvenate yourself. The building is exactly what it sounds like: A Big White Barn. It is located at 169 South Road, Readfield, ME, and is easy to miss if you are not looking for it.

On the outside it does not look like much, but the inside holds three stories of rooms meant for different treatments and practices. The top floor is their yoga studio, where all kinds of yogas are practiced - including aerial! - for all levels. The second floor holds their ultra-red sauna, where you can sweat out all of the toxins consumed from those New Years Eve drinks. Also located on the second floor is a couple of massage and spa rooms, so you can pamper yourself after working out in yoga and sweating in the sauna. The first floor is home to a nail spa and some more spa rooms, along with a healthcare facility.

The Barn really does have it all when it comes to holistic healing. Some of the services in the spa rooms are facials, non-invasive face lifts, microdermabrasion, massages, and reiki. There are nine different yoga instructors at the barn and a multitude of spa professional that are private business owners working out of the Barn. It is a truly healing establishment that does good in all kinds of ways. What makes this business stand out from the rest of the spa locations in Maine (and elsewhere) is their energy, the BWB is all about mindfulness. Being mindful of yourself, others, and the moment. Too often in this day of age are people racing through the hours of the day to get to the next event or location, without ever really taking a moment to take in what is happening right then and there. I know I am guilty of this. Or we are so plugged into our phones that we end up being detached from real people and experiences. Again, I am guilty of this. Taking a yoga class and being without a phone for one hour is all it took for me to want to be in the moment more during the year of 2019. I hope that more people will want to show their body some love through either yoga or a treatment and do the same.

To learn more about the BWB check out their website:


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