The Importance of Abortion And Planned Parenthood

Updated: Jan 31

Not only is it dire to the greater population to have access to safe and legal and affordable abortion, but it is very important to have affordable health care in general. Planned Parenthood is a business that has locations all around the country and gives access to abortions and also general health care for everyone.

The services at Planned Parenthood include abortion, abortion referral, birth control supply, emergency contraception (plan B), general health care, HIV services, LGBT services, mens health services, STD testing, patient education, pregnancy testing and services, and women's services. Unfortunately, President Trump does not see the importance of Planned Parenthood and has attempted to 'defund' it, which would block patients who have public health care from having access to Planned Parenthood. This would affect 2.5 million patients who rely on these services. Luckily, the bill was repealed before it could do its full damage to the country.

Back to the importance of abortion, if we were to lose our right to choose when it comes to abortion then millions of women would go through life-threatening procedures every year due to unsafe abortions. Unsafe abortions are a significant cause of death for women in many developing countries.

For example, in Honduras abortion is illegal - hundreds of women die yearly because of it. In another blog post a woman recounted her story of being in Honduras: She spoke of how she volunteered at orphanages, and how many children were orphaned due to their mothers attempting to get abortions and not living through the procedure. An immense amount of women who already had children would get pregnant and not physically be able or ready to give birth again, or not be financially able to care for another child, and go to terminate the pregnancy, only to bleed out.

Some people hear about this and say 'why not put the child up for adoption?', but what about the millions of children already needing homes who are in foster care? Not to mention the cost of health services throughout a pregnancy; the medicine, check ups, pap smears, ultrasounds, and then the actual price of giving birth, both financially and physically. Pregnancy is a life changing experience that should be optional for all women. Also, it's no-one else's business but the woman's who would have the procedure.

Abortion is a choice to be made, not something to be outlawed, especially when the majority of politicians deciding the laws are men who know next to nothing about women's health care.

We need this generation of voters to prioritize ownership of one's body and keep abortions and clinical healthcare safe, legal, and accessible.


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