Mushrooms & Weed Win in The 2020 Elections

I mentioned in my first marijuana-themed blog post, Marijuana, The Best Study Bud-y, that twelve states have legalized some level of marijuana use. Now, with the 2020 election results coming in, there are an additional four states that have legalized marijuana, and even one that legalized magic mushrooms and other drugs.

Arizona, Montana, New Jersey, and South Dakota legalized marijuana in the elections, and all with flying numbers. Oregon legalized psychedelic mushrooms, along with small amounts of heroin and cocaine: The New York Times states that "the Oregon measure makes possession of small amounts of what have long been considered harder drugs a violation, similar to a traffic ticket, and no longer punishable by jail time. " This is a great step in ending the War on Drugs, and hopefully will lead to the release of hundreds of inmates being held for small drug violations.

The United States are changing, progressing for the better in at least one aspect. It's exciting to see the attitude towards marijuana and psychedelics shift in a more positive light, opening up possibilities for more medicinal treatments for illnesses that have before required highly addicting medications.

I've mentioned a variety of health complications, both physical and mental, that weed can assist with in past blogs. I want to now touch on what mushrooms and their psychedelic property, psilocybin, can do to help people.

The Center for Psychedelic and Consciousness Research at John Hopkins says in a Forbes Article, that "research by us and others suggests therapeutic effects in people who suffer a range of challenging conditions including addiction (smoking, alcohol, other drugs of abuse), existential distress caused by life-threatening disease, and treatment-resistant depression. " It is also stated that "researchers have demonstrated in one treatment session with psychedelics what years of psychotropic drugs and counseling have not been able to accomplish."

I look forward to seeing what else these natural substances (marijuana and mushrooms) can do to better people's quality of life as research continues and laws further progress.

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