Marijuana and Mental Health

Mental health is a topic that can be difficult to discuss for we oftentimes like to avoid our feelings, but taking care of ourselves and our minds should be our top priority.

Going to therapy, asking for help, or just needing to find a safe space to process your thoughts and emotions are all okay; needing medication to feel better is okay too, and so is finding other ways to help yourself, sans prescriptions. Perhaps via natural remedies:

I've touched upon the positive effects weed has on one's mental state in the last two posts I've done, Marijuana, the Best Study Bud-y and Weed and Creativity, but I want to go a little deeper on the subject, for I feel as though it's one of the strongest benefits the plant has to offer.

When someone is under a lot of stress, or consistently dealing with anxiety, their brains oftentimes slow in their production of endocannabinoids, according to a study shared on Healthline. This can lead to increased symptoms of depression, including lack of appetite, difficulty sleeping, and intense mood swings.

Not only does marijuana have the power to increase appetite and aid in sleep, but it can also assist in the regulation of endocannabinoids, therefore easing symptoms of depression and anxiety from a potential source.

Personally, I feel a lot better when I'm smoking it.

*Depression and anxiety can come in many forms for all kinds of people, presenting in various ways; and that is something to take into consideration when looking into using weed as a possible treatment. Leafly recommends the strain Harlequin when looking to assist with anxiety.

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