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Updated: Oct 10, 2018

Are you tired of going to the drugstore or those giant department stores for makeup, only to get the same old thing? Well, I think it's time you get your makeup while also getting an experience. Located in New York City, Giella Custom Cosmetics can make you exactly what you are looking for, even if you don't know what that may be.

My Friend took me to the Giella location at Columbus Circle inside of the SCK Salon for my birthday this September. I was not quite sure what I wanted but the sales woman, Arielle Benasillo, helped me figure it out right away. I told her what I typically wore for an everyday look (light foundation, a lipgloss or lip balm, and some blush) and she helped me design my very own lipgloss to help spice up my look. My gloss ended up being a mix of red and mauve, with a touch of brown and some light glitter. Arielle then added some cinnamon oil to give it flavor and plumping qualities. The finished look was perfect for me and I could not be more happy with it; the texture is smooth and not sticky at all, the gloss is also very moisturizing with a slight tingle, thanks to the cinnamon.

Not only was the product worth the pay ($30), but the service was also wonderful. Arielle was very helpful and informative, giving us as much time as needed and willing to change anything we wanted.

I highly recommend checking out Giella Custom Cosmetics either online ( or even better, in person. You get to create whatever kind of makeup you like (foundation, lipgloss, lipstick, highlighter, blush, bronzer, etc.) for some pretty reasonable prices. It is definitely a fun experience that you cannot get at any drug store or department store, and you end up with a product that is uniquely you.

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