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Updated: Nov 5, 2019

If you love cats and coffee, and are in the NYC area, then it is time you check out the Meow Parlour. Located in lower Manhattan, the Meow Parlour is the perfect place to sit, relax, have some tea or coffee, and play with cats. At $6 per half hour it is fairly cheap, and totally worth it. There is also a lovely menu of teas, coffees, pastries, and sandwiches so you can snack while you play.

I visited this cat cafe over the Indigenous Peoples day weekend with my mom, who is a fellow cat lover.

We first visited the cafe room while

we waited for our reservation time (they ask that you reserve time, but are extremely flexible and often get everyone in who stops by), we got some mint tea lemonades and a couple of macarons, both of which were delicious. After a few minutes we went to the cat room where we signed in and put our shoes and bags away, then proceeded to the best part of the visit. 18 cats awaited us in one room filled with toys, sitting areas, and kitty hideaways. The environment was completely relaxed, the workers friendly, and the cats playful. We spent our half hour in the back of the room on some sitting pillows, where one particularly playful kitten named Pumba attacked our legs and zoomed around the room.

The best part of this cafe is that all of the cats are adoptable! Cats are constantly coming and going from the Meow Parlour, the cats temporary home until they find their forever home. The money from the cafe goes to helping care for and foster all of the cats that come through. Meow Parlour Cats is a non-profit organization that teamed up with the cafe to help people and cats alike find the perfect companions. Donations are always welcome to the cafe to help better the cats time at the Parlour. And even if you are not looking to adopt, I still highly recommend visiting this amazing cafe and trying out some treats and getting some cuddle time in with all of the cats.

Check out more about the Cafe:

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