Galentine's Day

Updated: Nov 5, 2019

So, I know I am a little late in addressing Galentine's day, but is it ever truly too late to write about celebrating female empowerment and friendship? I don't think so, and neither does Bulletin, the store that made my own Galentine's so amazing - plus it's the month to celebrate women, so I actually am on time, in a sense.

For those of you that do not know, Galentine's day is a holiday typically celebrated on the Wednesday before Valentine's day or the Friday after. It is when single women go out with their girlfriends to both celebrate their love of themselves/their friends AND their lack of romantic love. This holiday may sound sad, but having your girls around and celebrating one another's independence can be quite empowering! It also gives us an excuse to get all dressed up and treat ourselves, so it's really an all around winning situation.

My friend Danikah and I had already planned to do something for Galentine's day, being two independent gals: We would probably go get pizza and ice cream and then go back to one of our homes and watch our all time favorite rom-com, Stuck In Love.

Fortunately, though, these plans got turned into something much greater. Weeks earlier I had entered my name into a Galentine's day giveaway contest hosted by Bulletin (an amazing women run store in NYC - read my blog about them here). I had actually forgotten that I had entered it when I got the message that I had won. I received a dinner for two at La Follia, an amazing Italian restaurant, two $50 gift cards to Bulletin (one for me, one for Dani), and two pairs of Crap Eyewear Sunglasses (one pair for me, one for Dani).

Our dinner reservation was for the Friday after Valentine's day, we got all dressed up and when we arrived we were greeted very nicely by the hostess, given a table with a view of the city streets, and served some complimentary drinks. Our dinner included two appetizers, two main courses, and two desserts: For appetizers we got calamari and meatballs, for the mains we got truffle linguini and creme penne, and for dessert we split a cake - we were so full. The meals were delicious, the service was great, and it kicked our Galentine's day celebration off to an amazing start.

The next week we decided to use our gift cards, so we went downtown to the Union Square Bulletin location. We both perused the store for some time, trying to decide what to get since there were so many options. Finally, Dani ended up with some jewelry and I ended up with a new shirt and some jewelry. We are both very happy with our purchases. Free things are always the best.

And lastly, we received our sunglasses in the mail a couple of days ago. They came in the cutest packaging with a handwritten note from the manager of Bulletin! I'm completely in love with these glasses, they sent us two different styles and it's like they knew exactly what Dani and I look good in - one look and we knew which pair was for who.

In all, we had the best Galentine's day celebration, it is definitely one we will never forget. But, Galentine's day is never truly over - all you need to do to keep it going is go out with the girls and be badasses and maybe get a little wine drunk. Or a lot wine drunk. Either way, having a girls night out is always a good time - especially when you don't have to pay.

Big thank you's to Bulletin for giving us such an amazing time!

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