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Do you like your period? Probably, the answer is no. My answer is no. Starting since my very first few periods, which were irregular and confusing (they need to be talked about more and become less of a taboo topic), I had awful cramps. Cramps that, if not immediately treated with large quantities of ibuprofen, would have me curled in a ball on the ground crying, sometimes throwing up. I would miss school, miss sports practices, and just lay miserably in bed for a day or two. Along with the horrid cramps I would also get migraines that were so powerful that I would see white spots in my vision, my equilibrium would be off, and I couldn't handle bright lights or loud noises. It was the worst pain I have ever experienced. To help with these issues many people are told they should try different forms of hormone-based birth control: I have tried three. I started with the Nexplanon implant, a small plastic-like rod that was put into my left inner bicep. It was meant to relieve my cramps, help ease my migraines, and give me a lighter period. It did help with the cramps, and subdued most of my migraines, but I had my period for a year straight, with no end in sight. The bar was meant to stay in my arm for three years, but I could not take the constant period and moodiness any longer and had it removed after one.

Next, I tried the Depo shot. I only had this done twice and stopped; I gained five pounds from it, which I was told is a normal side effect. So, now I am on the normal 'pill', taking it daily and suffering the emotional side effects instead of the physical ones. Yes, the pill alters your mood daily. Now, after two-ish years, my physician wants to get me off of the pill. One of the side effects of this birth control method is blood clotting, and because of my migraines it puts me at a higher risk of getting one. The best alternative, I was told, is the IUD. It is not hormone based and will give me a lighter period, though it will not help with the cramps or migraines. This may sound like an abnormal experience to some, like I have just had bad luck, but the reality is that 90% of people with periods experience similar symptoms, and around 40% of them have such severe symptoms that they miss work or school. We have been trained to believe that this is normal and we should just take midol and go on with our day. Luckily, as we discuss these problems more and more we are being heard, and people are doing the research and work that needs to be done to find a solution. One such brand that is helping is Food Period, a female founded company that is on a mission to 'help women have great periods, naturally.' Jenn Kim and Britt Martin are behind this magnificent company, you can read about them here.

Food Period makes moon bites, a natural granola bite, that has homeopathic remedies to help with regulating your period, easing the symptoms, and just making you feel better and more balanced. I learned from Food Period that there are two phases of your period; the follicular phase and the luteal phase.

The follicular phase is when your estrogen spikes, the luteal phase is when your progesterone spikes. Since there are two phases to your period, there are two kinds of moon bites; one to have for 14 days during the first phase, and another to have for 14 days during the second. Each phase of moon bites is made with different seed types that help with the production and regulation of your estrogen and progesterone. Hormonal birth control messes with these hormones while Food Periods moon bites help you to get these back on track. When your hormones are more balanced, so is your overall health. Your symptoms will ease, you will feel better, and your period will not be as much of a burden. It's a win-win! Plus, you do not have to be off of your birth control to take moon bites, they are safe to consume along with taking hormonal birth control.

I was lucky enough to be chosen to receive a free taste testing box of moon bites (three of each phase), and I can attest that as well as being very good for you, moon bites are incredibly delicious. Especially the chocolate cherry flavor. Moon Bites are also now sold at Bulletin! An all time favorite store of mine. I highly recommend that every person who has a period at all tries moon bites!


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