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As the semester goes on, so does my love of travel. I just cannot get enough of it, the travel bug has bitten me, hard. I can see the end of the semester coming up on me, and it gives me both a really sad feeling, but also a really good one. On the one hand, I never want to leave Cyprus, but on the other, I cannot wait for what travels may come next. I also miss New York and all of my friends there, as well as my family. But that's besides the point. I am so content with life right now; with what I am seeing, experiencing, the people I'm meeting, just everything; I will be going back home and to the city with so much more than I had before, and not counting the souvenirs (I may have had to get another suitcase to bring home all that I've purchased, oops). The friendships, knowledge, and experiences that I have acquired are incomparable to any material item, and since my last post, I have gotten even more of all three.

While in Cyprus, I have continued to explore and try new things:

Last week, a few gals and myself decided to have a girls day, which turned into the entire weekend. We went to a traditional Greek dinner with dancing and music one night, it was so much fun! One day we went to the Northern side of Cyprus, which is occupied by Turkey, and explored the capital, as well as a gorgeous town by the ocean called Kyrenia. We ate, shopped, and just enjoyed each others company. Once back in the Greek side, we went to a restaurant called Chocolate Maze, where we got the most insane chocolate fondue. One of my professors recommended that we go to a brewery called Brewfellas for some really good beers, so we did that as well; we tried every beer they had, and I only disliked one, which tasted like a bbq. I think it's safe to say that I've been enjoying my time in Cyprus.

Besides continuing my local explorations around Cyprus and going to classes, I took the time this past weekend to fly to London. It was a big change from Cyprus, especially the temperature difference; I think my tan jumped off of me the second I stepped off of the plane. The reason I went to London was to visit some friends that I met over the summer in South Korea, I was lucky enough to stay at my friend Sam’s flat, which was right in London. Sam even took it upon himself to be my personal tour guide for the weekend, showing me the most touristy spots on the map. These include the London Tower and Tower Bridge, the London Bridge, Shakespeares Globe, St. Pauls Cathedral, Hyde Park, Buckingham Palace, the London Eye, some amazing markets, and an overwhelming amount of Christmas decorations. It was absolutely incredible. One night Sam hosted a dinner at his flat, having the majority of his friends from Uni (the Royal College of Art) come over for pumpkin risotto; it was delectable. All of Sams friends were so nice and welcoming, it was a really, really fun night. The next night, we went out with one of his friends from Maryland, Alex (who is a teacher in Spain), and her friend Lauren, who is also living in London. We bar hopped, danced, and ventured around SoHo, making it yet another great night. During the day on Saturday we met up with our friends Helen and Miguel, who we also met in Korea, to do the touristy things. It was so amazing to see these beautiful people again; it is too often that people say they will do something, and then it simply doesn't happen.

Helen, Sam, Me, Miguel

Being able to reconnect with them and catch up was really such a treat, Sedona (who was also in Korea) even facetimed from Manhattan to say hi, which was perfect! Sunday was meant to be my departure, but thanks to train complications I ended up missing my flight, delaying my departure to Monday afternoon. I wasn't too upset though, it was just a bonus night in London! I went back to Sam’s, ate, and we headed over to his brothers house to watch his nephew for the evening. It was super relaxed, and they even had a French bulldog, so once again, it was a superb night. Monday morning we got up and went to what one may call the highlight of London; Argos. A store where you can basically order anything from iPads to diamond earrings at a kiosk. Once you pay, someone brings your item out to you; it is the most antisocial shopping experience I have ever had. If you go to London, you must go to Argos.

That afternoon, I finally caught my flight back to Cyprus. It was hard to say goodbye to my friends, but I know that if we have been able to see each other in two countries, on two continents, then we can see each other again. I can't wait to see what the future holds for the relationships I have formed while traveling, I feel so lucky to have encountered such an abundance of wonderful people.

Stay tuned for another update, coming soon..

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