Coffee Addiction: The Best Addiction You Could Have

Most people rely on (at least) one cup of coffee a day; it helps them to stay awake, stay on task, and puts them in a better mood. For me, I require a minimum of three cups a day. Sometimes I need more, and in which case I will drink the whole pot - and then some more. Without my daily dose of caffeine I am irritable, tired, lazy, and I even get the occasional headache. I will admit, I am addicted to coffee; I feel like I cannot function without it. I am actually drinking my second cup of the day as I write this post.

My addiction started at a young age, probably around 11 or 12: I was at my cousins house and they drank decaf every morning, so I drank it with them, and I got hooked on the taste. I would go home and want more and since my parents did not drink decaf, I would have the fully caffeinated version. I've needed it ever since, and I mean really needed it. I have gotten criticized on this (non) issue since high school. People would tell me that my growth was stunted because of the caffeine, that my skin would suffer in the future, I was putting a drug into my system, and so on. I always brushed these concerns to the side and continued with drinking multiple cups a day, and as it turns out, I was right to not listen to them.

In 2017 the results of a long term study of 20,000 individuals was revealed, and it showed that there is a 30% reduction in mortality in those who drink two or more cups of coffee a day. Coffee drinkers also have lower risks of suffering from various diseases, including type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and liver failure. But that's not all, coffee can also help burn fat and make you happier! I know I'm happier when I've had my morning cup.

These health facts have been discovered through multiple long term studies at various universities and practices, and the numbers are actually astounding. For those who drink multiple cups of coffee a day there is a 23-50% reduced risk in type 2 diabetes, and with 18 studies being done on the correlation of coffee and diabetes it has shown that with each cup added there is another 7% reduction in the risk. Alzheimer's is a disease that there is no cure for, only lifestyle choices can lower or increase risk of it, and coffee can help lower the risk by up to 65%. Parkinson's is another disease that can be avoided with simple lifestyle choices, and coffee can decrease risk by 32-60%, the more coffee the better. For those who drink four or more cups a day there has shown a decrease in liver failure by 80%, so you can party at night and gorge on coffee in the morning and be just fine. For females in particular, drinking multiple cups of coffee a day reduces the effects of depression by 20%. It is often said that coffee can increase risk of heart failure due to it rising the blood pressure. Though it can raise blood pressure, it is only by a tiny bit that has little to no effect on people, and recent studies show that coffee can actually reduce risk of heart disease in women.

So, in conclusion, coffee is good for you and I should drink even more, as should everyone else. But don't drink the nasty stuff from dunkin' that is laced with tons of sugar, drink real coffee with only a little cream and sugar (if you need it sweet), otherwise you outweigh the benefits with the bad.

If you want to read about the actual studies done then click on these links:


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