Updated: Nov 5, 2019

A new(ish) store in the New York area, called Bulletin, is really the place to be on weekday nights. Not only do they sell cute clothes and fun accessories, but they also host parties that have free food, drinks, wine (if you're 21+), and different treatments (braiding, manicures, etc.).

Bulletin is run by women, for women, and features 100% female based brands. The products range from shirts to makeup, to vibrators - all things that every woman loves. And to make the store even better, 10% of ALL proceeds goes to Planned Parenthoods of NYC.

I have both shopped at bulletin and attended their events, not once being disappointed. I purchased a couple of prints for my dorm room wall and I absolutely love them, they are pretty AND political, just my kind of thing. I also got some cute earrings and a nail file, both were cheap and high quality. The two events I have gone to were very fun and and I got free food and drinks, which is best when you’re in college and broke..

The first event I attended was their flagship store launch party, located at Union Square. This was their third store to open in New York, and their biggest. The store was packed with like-minded men and women, and while waiting in line some ladies brought us pizza, which was delicious. Once in the store my friends and I shopped around, ate some more pizza, and chatted with the other attendees. If you are a business owner or are interested in networking then I highly recommend attending an event, so many innovative women are there and are more than willing to have a conversation. I have yet to meet an unfriendly person at Bulletin, the store itself makes you feel welcome and empowered to be a woman.

The second event I went to was their free Glossy Manicure party, also located at their Union Square store. Again, there was a line out the door of women waiting to get free mani's, but the wait is totally worth it. Inside the store there was a manicure station set up out back and a counter full of colors to pick from. While waiting my turn I snacked on cake pops and pizza and chatted with my friends and other girls waiting. The manicure was just like getting one at a salon, but even better because it was free.

Nearly every week Bulletin hosts an event, always having free food and something fun to do. The events also give back to the community as they host a lot of fundraising nights and informational gatherings to spread the word to get more women involved in worthy causes.

You can check out the events page and RSVP here: https://bulletin.co/pages/events

Locations: https://bulletin.co/pages/stores

Shop: https://bulletin.co/

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